What is All Souls’ Day in the Philippines About?

All Souls’ DayAll Souls’ Day is also known as the Feast of All Souls Day. Filipinos from different parts of the Philippines take advantage of the first two days of November so they can pay respects to their loved ones who have already passed. They will also reunite with their old friends and kin.

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Weeks prior to this public holiday, Filipinos go to their cemeteries so the graves of their loved ones can be cleaned. They make the surroundings beautiful for those days. Families are decorating the tombs by putting candles, flowers, as well as some memorabilia. Others just choose to repair and repaint whatever damages there that happened to the tomb.


How to Celebrate All Souls’ Day in the Philippines and Things to Do

During Roman Catholicism, All Souls’ Day was observed on November 2nd to remember all the faithful departed who are still in purgatory because they died with lesser sins. According to the Roman Catholic doctrine, the prayers of the faithful on earth help in cleansing these souls to be pure. They believe it is a requirement to enter heaven.


How All Souls’ Day in the Philippines is Celebrated

During All Souls’ Day, the schools go on semester break so that families can spend time together. Children bond with their cousins and the adults share stories or play cards. In the past, they would fly kites or even catch dragonflies were among the activities they enjoyed. Filipinos love to sing and bring guitars so that they can entertain people in the cemetery.

Some families like to eat lunch there and set tables to eat their favorite dishes. Normally, they include the favorite of their deceased loved one. People also place a plate of food in front of the tomb to offer to the deceased soul. Priests also go around the cemetery to bless graves and offer prayers.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating All Souls’ Day in the Philippines

Lighting Candles at Their Doorstep

Those who cannot visit the cemetery light candles at their doorstep once the clock hits 6 pm. Normally the candles symbolize family members who already passed.

Visiting Their Provinces

Many people head to their hometown for back-to-back holidays, which can sometimes form a long weekend.
Cemeteries all over the Philippines

People flock to cemeteries in order to clean, beautify, and arrange the tombs of their loved ones as preparation for special events. On All Souls’ Day, you should expect that all cemeteries, even the biggest ones, will be congested with so many people who want to visit their family’s tombs. Some visitors would camp three straight days in the cemetery.

Those who cannot go to the cemetery pay respects to loved ones at home by lighting a candle for each family member who already passed. The atmosphere of All Souls’ Day in the Philippines is not gloomy or completely solemn.

The truth is it can even be merry like Christmas because people laugh, tell stories, and even sing.

This is how All Souls’ Day in the Philippines is, and you will surely enjoy it if you come. Even if it is a time for mourning, Filipinos choose to celebrate the life that was lived by their loved ones instead. In addition, they also use this time to reunite with their relatives as they all come to visit the graves of those who already passed.

All Souls’ Day